Our goal is to make getting on the web simple, easy, and affordable for everyone. We offer two types of web pages with different features and pricing:

  • Simple pages hosted under the domain "norfolknet.com", accessible as www.norfolknet.com/yourwebpage. These pages are perfect to ease onto the web gradually, or when a small, local site is sufficient.  Only $20 per month.
  • Virtual domains, with a web page found as www.yourwebsite.com Virtual domains support a full corporate web presence, but without needing the usual in-house servers, MIS, webmasters, tech support, or networks.  $25 per month.

The nominal rate structure is summarized below; the actual rates will be as quoted. The fees listed are inclusive of the various charges and dues required to purchase a domain name or required server capacity. This means, for example, that the complete cost of a simple static web page could be as low as $200 to set up, plus $20 per month to host.

Item Simple Virtual
Page Design * $200 - $500 building the initial web page
Monthly Fee ** $20 $25 monthly hosting fee
E-Mail 1 any number of e-mail addresses forwarded
Consulting $75 / hour additional design or development

*  The page design fee covers the cost of developing and setting up the web page. The cost depends on the time required to create the page and graphics, which typically involves converting existing brochures and literature. Virtual domains usually consist of several pages of information, and require more work to build than simple pages. Unusually simple pages may receive special consideration, so be sure and ask. Complex pages will be built on a proposal basis.

**  The monthly fee keeps the page on the web, 24 hrs a day, 7 days per week. Regular backups are performed to safeguard your data. There is an additional discount on the monthly rates listed if a longer term is pre-paid in advance. Small, routine maintenance updates are included at no extra charge.

Every simple page receives an e-mail forwarding address of the form yourwebpage@norfolknet.com. Virtual domains get all mail sent to the domain (ie, as all_addresses@yourwebsite.com), and can use a mailbox right on the web server.

Note: the rates indicated were valid as of June 2005, and may no longer be current.

Some final points to keep in mind:

  • Simple web pages can always be upgraded to virtual domains at a later date.
  • Some options and services may not be listed above, so if you don't see something that you were looking for, please ask.
  • You choose your own domain name. Names are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, so it's best to have alternates selected. It may also be helpful to choose unique, descriptive names.
  • Your domain name is your property that Spruce leases in your behalf. The lease runs for two years initially and yearly thereafter. Spruce pro-rates this cost and hides it in the hosting fee.
  • Once fully paid for, your domain name is totally yours. In case you transfer your account to a different provider, you are free to move your domain names with you.
  • Web pages hosted by us can be updated only by us.
  • We are not an ISP (Internet Service Provider). You will not be able to use your web page account to send e-mail or to browse the web. We would be happy to recommend a few reliable, low-cost local ISPs.