Services Available

We build web pages. Spruce Software can plan, design, implement, host, and maintain web pages and virtual domains. We can transcribe or convert your existing documents, graphics, and photographs to web format.

Included and Optional Services.

Simple Pages
The simplest web pages appear as sub-pages of an existing domain under our control, in the form (for example) This is also the easiest to set up and configure.

Virtual Domains
Companies wishing to project a professional corporate web presence most often register their own domain name, typically in the format of We can register and host your web page on your own virtual domain.

Every hosted web site receives an e-mail address. Simple pages get a forwarding address; e-mail received at that address will be forwarded to your existing mailbox. Virtual domains can elect to have their mail forwarded or to receive a mailbox where they can pick up their mail on our server. Additional mailboxes are also available.

Access Statistics
Our web server keeps detailed logs of every access to every document on your web page, and we can make this information available in both raw and summary form.

Directory Listing
As part of getting your web page, your page or virtual domain is added to the our gallery of hosted sites, is registered with the more popular search engines, and, if appropriate, is linked from the Norfolknet business listings.

A-la-Carte Services.

Web Site Design
If you already have a web page that needs remodeling or repair, or you host it on a different server, you can still use our software engineering services to do the design or modifications for you.

Typically, customers have existing literature that they wish to put on-line. However, if you would prefer, you can let us describe you and your business. Our spelling is good, and we have a way with words :-)

Graphic Design
Similarly, we are equipped to scan and convert your existing images and graphics to web format, or to create new ones for you.

Photo Imaging
We can scan or convert photographs to web format, color-adjust, crop, or enhance your existing photos, and even take digital photographs to better render your web presence.

Software Engineering
Your webmaster's other title is that of Software Architect. He is a senior software engineer by trade, and is a first-rate programmer. His background is primarily in technical graphics programming under Unix and DOS in C/C++, but has also gotten good with a number of Unix-based scripting languages.

Benefits of Hosting with Spruce.

Low Rates
Check around, we trust you will discover that our rates are surprisingly affordable. Why? Because we're skilled, our overhead is low, and we sincerely want to help local small businesses to get on the web. We restrict access to the server to allow us to obtain server capacity at wholesale rates, and to pass on the savings to you.

Full-Service Design, Hosting, and Updates
We host only those pages that we manage and maintain, and we reserve the right to make actual updates to the web site. In exchange for this, you always have someone to call to update or modify your page. You will not have to deal with the mechanics of managing a web server or constructing and publishing pages, you can just have your ``web page mechanic'' do it.

Only a portion of web design is technical, a large part is aesthetic. Like artwork, web pages should be built with a feel for shape, space, balance, and color. On occasion it can be more important to understand what not to do than simply knowing how to. Do browse through a prospective web designer's portfolio to see whether their taste and style meet your expectations.

Your webmaster has been in the computer field for 20 years, and has been been constructing web pages for six. He has a computer engineering degree from a well-regarded University in California, a master's degree in computer science, and, according to his grandmother, has a talent for art. Supporting him is his partner and wife, who herself has a masters in the physical sciences and a decade of professional management experience.